Which skills and competencies do competency-based interviews uncover?  
Some ideas to help you prepare... 
As mentioned in previous Blog’s and updates, Many interviews now are competency-based which means that the interviewer will be looking for you to answer questions about your abilities and experience in the context of actual events (S.T.A.R.). Some sound advice and preparation for an interview. It is worth preparing in advance at least two examples for each competency as it is not unheard of for the hiring manager to ask for a second example, particularly if they are looking for embedded skills or behaviours. 
The list of skills and competencies that can be tested varies depending on the post/company that you are applying for. For example, for a Personal Assistant post, skills and competencies would include communication skills; ability to organise and prioritise; and ability to work under pressure. For a senior manager, skills and competencies may include an ability to influence and negotiate; an ability to cope with stress and pressure; ability to lead; and the capacity to take calculated risks. 
To get you thinking of what a business requires for skills and competencies. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the more common skills and competencies that you may be asked to demonstrate: 
Skills and competencies for competency-based interviews 
• Adaptability 
• Compliance 
• Communication 
• Conflict management 
• Creativity and Innovation 
• Decisiveness  
• Delegation 
• External awareness 
• Flexibility 
• Independence 
• Influencing 
• Integrity 
• Leadership 
• Leveraging diversity 
• Organisational awareness 
• Resilience and tenacity 
• Risk-taking 
• Sensitivity to others 
• Team work 
• Resilience 
For help and support with your interview preparation please contact Bruce Swan for a 1-2-1 meeting on competency question technique. Email HR@templarfox.co.uk 
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